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The Uam Center
The UAM Center


May 21, 2008


The purpose of "The UAM Center" (TUC) is twofold. The first is to create a flexible and very function rich Universal Access Method (UAM) that will work with multiple wireless hotspot managers. The second is to include/integrate associated features/functions with the UAM.


    See the Development page for more details about these functions
  • Work with multiple hotspot/captive portal managers (Chillispot,CoovaChilli,WifiDog,DD-WRT).
  • Branding - Can access different page templates depending on how it was called (Directory/cgi name) for a full branded solution
  • Information can be stored in plain text, DB, or MySQL files
  • Templates - Instead of hardcoded pages, they have on-the-fly information insertion or replacement
  • Wi-Fi AllianceWireless Internet Service Provider roaming (WISPr) integration
  • Sanitizes all data input
  • CAPTCHA availability to reduce hacking
  • Ability to lock a users login to the MAC or NAS id
  • Default secret, secret per NAS id, secret per MAC or combination
  • Localization of off-site pages/graphics for walled-garden usage
  • Flexible banner rotation/tracking
  • Time/Access purchase module to interface with PayPal,Google Check Out,Neteller,Firepay,900 #, Pin Code, Scratch off Cards
  • Data carryover between functions/pages


Right now , even though there is a working version of the program available, I need input. Please join the SF Mailing List to voice what you want to see, etc. I am also looking for people who want to help out in any way. Website construction/maintenance, testing, Perl programming, create a logo, etc. Without you this project won't get too far.

Mailing Lists

Please join SF Mailing List to discuss feature requests, bugs, etc

Please visit the project page for details.

Last Updated: May 21 2008 21:30:59